Thermal Thursdays!

“Thermal Thursdays” during the 2024 flying season are officially on May 30th, June 6th, July 18th, August 29th and September 26th!!!

For 2024, we start on the last Thursday in May the 30th and will end on Thursday Sept 26th just before our last contest on October 5th a joint contest with the Circuits.

These are the officially designated “Day to Fly” each month. The intention of this is to encourage members to regularly gather for fun flying at the field. These will be perfect times for training, practice, fellowship, and to just get out and enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors together as a club.

This is not to say you can’t fly other times, and we encourage our membership to make use of the field as flying and enjoying our models is the best advertising our club can get. However, by designating a specific day, we hope to that it will be an extra encouragement to get out of the shop and grab some sky on a regular basis.

So, bring a winch, bring a high-start, or bring a battery pack and your favorite plane, new plane, or anything in-between. Let’s fill the sky on “Thermal Thursdays” and reinforce our friendships and shared love of flight between ourselves – and welcome any newcomers who follow their curiosity to the field. A club sailplane should be available for use by interested visitors!!!!!